Lynn Lein left her career in the health care industry and began farming with her father in 1999—literally beginning with only twelve laying hens. Despite the small number, the hens were enough to provide eggs for her family, including her three children as well as her close friends and neighbors. When Lynn’s flock grew to two hundred birds, she became determined to provide her chickens with as comfortable living conditions as possible. Her attention to detail did not fall upon blind eyes.

Neighbors would often stop by to check out her bird’s “high class” living quarters and began referring to them as “yuppies” because they had it so good. As her flock doubled and tripled in size, Lynn began direct marketing her eggs under the name, Yuppie Hill Poultry. She soon landed a few major retail and restaurant accounts in Milwaukee, as well as quickly becoming a staple at local farmers markets. Lynn moved to the new farm on Potter Road in 2004 and immediately began renovations on the barns and buildings throughout the property.

The original main barn, which now houses a café, was once home to 2,500 hens. In the summer of 2008 a brand new barn was built on the north side of the property. The new barn is equipped with state of the art feeders and ventilation that allows Lynn to raise all of her birds in a cage free environment. There is no finer display of Lynn’s attention to detail than the rustic country style café which is now established in the farms original main barn. The café is open for breakfast on the weekends and will host seasonal tasting dinners throughout the year. In addition to her chores, Lynn maintains around fifty sales accounts. Yuppie Hill now raises laying hens, broilers, Turkeys, and a prized breed of Berkshire Hog. Lynn has partnered with regional chefs to design a line of artisan cured Berkshire products that are due to hit the market in 2010.