Brown Eggs: Produced from Amberlink hens.  These unique birds are mainly white with some brown feathers.  They are an excellent free range bird with high livability and very efficient feed conversion to egg productivity.  Our hens are feed local grains.  The feed consist of corn, soy, alfalfa , linseed meal (flax seed) vitamins and minerals. We receive the young pullets at about 21 weeks. This gives them time to get acclimated to the barn before they start to lay.  Hens are in production for approximately 14 months.

Bronze Turkeys: The Bronze turkey is a heritage breed and named for its unusual color, a shimmering green-bronze which appears metallic in the sunlight.  They are rare in North America. The Broad-breasted Bronze is now bred at only five or six hatcheries in the United States. We receive the pullts at 1 day old and grow them for approximately 5 months.  They are  available for the holiday season only. (Thanksgiving and Christmas)  Turkeys are also pastured.  Order Early!!!

Berkshire Pork: Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed. Named for the region in England where they were discovered by Oliver Cromwell's army more than 300 years ago, Berkshires have been raised in this country -- mostly in the Midwest -- for 150 years.  They are raised for their excellent meat quality.  Currently we farrow to finish.

Pastured Cornish Cross Rocks: Available June through November. They are a meat type bird breed for their broad breast and large drum sticks.  We get them at 1day old and grow them out to 7-8  weeks old. 

Stewing Hens:  These birds are our old hens.  They are excellent for stewing. Soups and stocks are made from these birds.  Contact us for availability.